descriptionqp tries and crit-bit tries
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2020-07-20 Tony FinchLink to a twitter thread
2020-07-20 Tony FinchLink to my fork of NSD which uses my DNS-optimized...
2020-07-08 Tony FinchDNS: an iterative Tnext()
2020-07-07 Tony Finchblog: note what computer I ran the benchmarks on
2020-07-06 Tony FinchREADME: link to new blog entry
2020-07-06 Tony Finchblog: the genesis of my DNS-trie
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2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: hook it up to the build
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: bodge for compatibility with other implementations
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: debug support for the test / benchmark harnesses
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