descriptionqp tries and crit-bit tries
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2020-05-01 Tony Finchnotes: licence master
2020-05-01 Tony FinchREADME: link to new notes
2020-05-01 Tony Finchnotes: some more thoughts about DNS support
2019-04-25 Ondřej Hermanbind9: update git repository address
2018-01-04 Tony FinchDo not try to compile broken WIP code
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRib compression for second search in Tset - probably...
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRib compression for first search in Tset
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRevert failed experiment
2017-06-02 Tony FinchFailed experiment
2017-06-02 Tony FinchMake Tget and Tdel search loops more similar
2017-05-28 Tony Finchgeneric leaves: some caveats
2017-05-27 Tony FinchConcatenate nodes when we can. Yowza.
2017-05-27 Tony FinchThe case where two trunks should be concatenated
2017-05-27 Tony FinchEven better
2017-05-27 Tony FinchMuch better clarity of thought about Tdel search loop
2017-05-26 Tony FinchCorrect return value!
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