descriptionexpand macros, reduce #ifdefs
ownerTony Finch
last changeTue, 19 Mar 2024 09:36:17 +0000 (09:36 +0000)

unifdef: expand macros, reduce #ifdefs

The unifdef utility is a partial C and C++ preprocessor. It can expand just the macros you want expanded, selectively process #ifdef and #if conditional directves, and simplify #if controlling expressions.

For more information, please see the unifdef home page .

2024-03-19 Tony Finchunifdef: reclassify comment about mcpp main
2024-03-19 Tony Finchunifdef: notes on __has_ tests
2024-03-19 Tony Finchunifdef: update link to boost wave
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdoc: __VA_OPT__ obsoletes the conditional macro expansi...
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdoc: move standards and add the mcpp summary
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdoc: C23 supports more flavours of integer constant
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdoc: binary integer literals are in C23
2024-03-19 Tony Finchunifdef: support for C++23 named universal characters
2024-02-28 Tony Finchdoc: better version of C23
2024-02-28 Tony Finchdoc: unicode-related changes in the standards
2024-02-28 Tony Finchunifdef: ignore byte order marks at the start of files
2024-02-28 Tony Finchdoc: improve formatting of standards conformance sectio...
2024-02-27 Tony Finchdoc: lack of support for trigraphs is no longer a bug
2024-02-27 Tony Finchunifdef: rename rettok() to lexed()
2024-02-27 Tony Finchdoc: support dork mode
2024-02-27 Tony Finchunifdef: change from CC0 to 0BSD / MIT-0
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