descriptionexpand macros, reduce #ifdefs
ownerTony Finch
last changeWed, 5 Jan 2022 16:24:18 +0000 (16:24 +0000)

unifdef: expand macros, reduce #ifdefs

The unifdef utility is a partial C and C++ preprocessor. It can expand just the macros you want expanded, selectively process #ifdef and #if conditional directves, and simplify #if controlling expressions.

For more information, please see the unifdef home page .

2022-01-05 Tony Finchdoc: clarify macro expansion main
2021-11-14 Tony Finchdoc: revert unused .Bl -indent CSS change
2021-04-02 Tony Finchunifdef: update citations to latest C2x draft
2021-03-29 Tony Finchbuild: remove some automaint special cases
2021-03-29 Tony Finchunifdef: recognize C2x #elifdef and #elifndef
2021-03-29 Tony Finchunifdef: fix warnings
2021-03-29 Tony Finchbuild: more dependency fixes
2021-03-29 Tony Finchdoc: fix deps and update README
2020-06-11 Tony Finchbuild: don't complain when things are already clean
2020-06-11 Tony Finchbuild: clean more fuzz droppings
2020-06-11 Tony Finchtest: actually fuzz characters
2020-06-11 Tony Finchbuild: clean fuzzer droppings
2020-06-11 Tony Finchtest: fuzz character constants with extreme care
2020-06-11 Tony Finchtest: oscillating the LL problem
2020-06-11 Tony Finchtest: try to ensure comparison output is written
2020-06-11 Tony Finchtest: cope with 32 bit signed overflow
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