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2018-10-29 Tony Finchregpg: pod markup error
2018-10-01 Tony Finchtest: better sanity checks for genpwd crypt output
2018-10-01 Tony Finchregpg: use quiet mode for genpwd crypt output
2018-10-01 Tony Finchregpg genpwd: make it feasible to copy-type a password
2018-10-01 Tony Finchtest: fix reference to Apache's HTTP/0.9 flag
2018-09-12 Tony Finchregpg-0.106.X
2018-09-12 Tony Finchregpg-0.106 regpg-0.106
2018-09-12 Tony Finchansible: port to 2.5 and 2.6
2018-09-12 Tony Finchtest: ensure git has a name and email to use when commi...
2018-09-12 Tony Finchtest: avoid racing with the `regpg depipe` fifo cleanup
2018-09-12 Tony Finchtest: ensure `gpg --list-packets` is quiet on stderr
2018-09-10 Tony Finchregpg-0.105.X
2018-09-10 Tony Finchregpg-0.105 regpg-0.105
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