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ownerTony Finch
last changeFri, 1 Dec 2017 13:20:54 +0000 (13:20 +0000)
9 days ago Tony Finchregpg-0.97 master regpg-0.97
9 days ago Tony Finchutil: preen release scripts
9 days ago Tony Finchregpg-0.96.X
9 days ago Tony Finchregpg-0.96 regpg-0.96
9 days ago Tony Finchregpg: simplify ansible gpg_d example
10 days ago Tony Finchansible: now working on 2.0 and devel branches
10 days ago Tony Finchregpg-0.95.X
10 days ago Tony Finchregpg-0.95 regpg-0.95
10 days ago Tony Finchdoc: fix release instructions
10 days ago Tony Finchutil: include logo in release tarballs
10 days ago Tony Finchdoc: explain licence of talks
10 days ago Tony FinchChange overall licence to the GPLv3 or later.
10 days ago Tony Finchtest: verify that ansible works with roles and file...
10 days ago Tony Finchansible: port to 2.1 and test more thoroughly
10 days ago Tony Finchansible: port to version 2.3
10 days ago Tony Finchtest: run ansible-playbook tests on different versions...
9 days ago regpg-0.97 regpg-0.97
9 days ago regpg-0.96 regpg-0.96
10 days ago regpg-0.95 regpg-0.95
2 weeks ago regpg-0.94 regpg-0.94
2 weeks ago regpg-0.93 regpg-0.93
2 weeks ago regpg-0.92 regpg-0.92
4 weeks ago regpg-0.91 regpg-0.91
4 weeks ago regpg-0.88 regpg-0.88
5 weeks ago regpg-0.80 regpg-0.80
5 weeks ago regpg-0.79 regpg-0.79
5 weeks ago regpg-0.78 regpg-0.78
5 weeks ago regpg-0.77 regpg-0.77
7 weeks ago regpg-0.73 regpg-0.73
7 weeks ago regpg-0.69 regpg-0.69
8 weeks ago regpg-0.42
9 days ago master