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ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 15 Feb 2018 17:03:56 +0000 (17:03 +0000)
9 days ago Tony Finchdoc: when not to use `regpg` master
2018-02-02 Tony Finchutil: preen version number in bare script on release
2018-02-02 Tony Finchutil: do not immediately upload new releases so cockups...
2018-02-02 Tony Finchregpg-0.103.X
2018-02-02 Tony Finchregpg-0.103 regpg-0.103
2018-02-02 Tony Finchregpg: add a -q option, mainly for quiet checks
2018-02-01 Tony Finchregpg-0.102.X
2018-02-01 Tony Finchregpg-0.102 regpg-0.102
2018-02-01 Tony Finchutil: ensure relnotes are updated before release
2018-02-01 Tony Finchregpg-0.101.X
2018-02-01 Tony Finchregpg-0.101 regpg-0.101
2018-02-01 Tony Finchansible: extend ansible.cfg options rather than overwri...
2018-01-24 Tony Finchregpg: make the ssh-keygen pipe check more accurate
2018-01-24 Tony Finchdoc: copyright footer for relnotes and contributing
2018-01-24 Tony Finchtest: ssh public key conversion
2018-01-24 Tony Finchregpg: conversion from encrypted private key to ssh...
3 weeks ago regpg-0.103 regpg-0.103
3 weeks ago regpg-0.102 regpg-0.102
3 weeks ago regpg-0.101 regpg-0.101
4 weeks ago regpg-0.100 regpg-0.100
2 months ago regpg-0.99 regpg-0.99
2 months ago regpg-0.98 regpg-0.98
2 months ago regpg-0.97 regpg-0.97
2 months ago regpg-0.96 regpg-0.96
2 months ago regpg-0.95 regpg-0.95
3 months ago regpg-0.94 regpg-0.94
3 months ago regpg-0.93 regpg-0.93
3 months ago regpg-0.92 regpg-0.92
3 months ago regpg-0.91 regpg-0.91
3 months ago regpg-0.88 regpg-0.88
3 months ago regpg-0.80 regpg-0.80
3 months ago regpg-0.79 regpg-0.79
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