descriptionhandle DNS NOTIFY messages by running a command
ownerTony Finch
last changeWed, 12 Jun 2024 16:07:36 +0000 (17:07 +0100)
2024-06-12 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-2.1 trunk nsnotifyd-2.1
2024-06-12 Tony Finchmake: how to fix broken github forks
2024-06-12 Tony Finchmake: build dumpaxfr
2024-06-12 Tony Finchmake: use libbind on Mac OS
2024-06-12 Tony Finchdumpaxfr: embed version for what and ident
2024-06-12 Tony Finchgitignore dumpaxfr gubbins
2024-06-12 Tony Finchdoc: a man page for dumpxfer
2024-06-12 Tony Finchdoc: thanks to Jonathan Hewlett, Dan Langille, Lars...
2024-06-12 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: do not log a connection when accept() times out
2024-06-12 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: do not jitter very small refresh intervals
2023-05-20 Tony Finchdumpaxfr: append " @" more safely
2023-05-20 Tony FinchMake trailing dots less of a trip hazard
2022-11-29 Tony FinchMake names easier to read
2022-11-29 Tony Finchdumpxfer: examine the bytes of a zone transfer
2022-09-12 Tony FinchUpdate license to 0BSD OR MIT-0
2022-01-28 Tony Finchmake: update remotes after pushing
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