descriptioncreate nsupdate script from zone file differences
ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 28 Jan 2016 15:08:36 +0000 (15:08 +0000)
2016-01-28 Tony Finchmake: ensure README is up-to-date before uploading master
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.73 nsdiff-1.73
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsvi: thanks to Aversiste
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsdiff: refer to nspatch as a solution to the second...
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsvi: interactivity improvements
2016-01-28 Tristan Le... nsvi: add interactive mode with option -i
2015-12-16 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.72 nsdiff-1.72
2015-11-19 Tony Finchnspatch: check -- dividers are used correctly
2015-09-21 Tony Finchnsdiff: allow empty SOA RNAME fields
2015-07-28 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.71 nsdiff-1.71
2015-07-28 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix uninitialized variable warning
2015-07-23 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.70 nsdiff-1.70
2015-07-23 Tony FinchAdd nsvi to the build gubbins and README.
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: avoid L<pod links> so we don't have to worry...
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: tweak wording in manual
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: nearly working?
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