descriptioncreate nsupdate script from zone file differences
ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 12 Nov 2020 00:18:21 +0000 (00:18 +0000)
2020-11-12 Tony Finchnsvi -g documentation trunk
2020-11-12 Mantas Mikul─Śnasnsvi: forward -g to nsupdate
2020-07-04 Tony Finchdist: better debian package name and dependencies
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.82 nsdiff-1.82
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: initial cut at a debian package
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.81 nsdiff-1.81
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: skip web directory
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: once more with feeling
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: don't fail to upload if there's no dist tarball
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.80 nsdiff-1.80
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: slightly simpler version number updates
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff: cross-reference to nsvi in the man page
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: fix README markup
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: a place-holder module for overview docs
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: add SPDX tags
10 months ago nsdiff-1.82 nsdiff-1.82
10 months ago nsdiff-1.81 nsdiff-1.81
10 months ago nsdiff-1.80 nsdiff-1.80
12 months ago nsdiff-1.79
15 months ago nsdiff-1.78
2 years ago nsdiff-1.77
2 years ago nsdiff-1.76
3 years ago nsdiff-1.75
3 years ago nsdiff-1.74
5 years ago nsdiff-1.73
5 years ago nsdiff-1.72
5 years ago nsdiff-1.71
5 years ago nsdiff-1.70
5 years ago nsdiff-1.61
6 years ago nsdiff-1.60
6 years ago nsdiff-1.58
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