descriptionexperimental fork of NSD using a qp-trie
ownerTony Finch
last changeSun, 24 Apr 2022 20:34:42 +0000 (21:34 +0100)
2022-04-24 Tony FinchImprove PCG citations and choose its MIT licence fanf-gen
2022-03-23 Tony Finchuntabify
2021-08-26 Tony Finchreuse empty pages
2021-07-17 Tony Finchpreen
2021-07-16 Tony Finchsimplify the defragmenter
2021-07-15 Tony Finchmore thorough testing and debugging fanf-cow
2021-07-14 Tony Finchproduce much less garbage during updates
2021-07-14 Tony Finchrevert: straightforward recursion is slightly faster
2021-07-14 Tony Finchmove defrag()'s scratch space off the stack
2021-07-14 Tony Finchcommentary and other preening
2021-07-13 Tony Finchcopy-on-write for qp_add() and qp_del()
2021-07-13 Tony Finchmore accurate memory usage count
2021-07-13 Tony Finchbetter order of presentation
2021-07-13 Tony Finchlogistics around update transactions
2021-07-12 Tony Fincha big refactor
2021-07-12 Tony Finchnumerically stable statistics
2 years ago fanf-gen
2 years ago fanf-cjc
2 years ago fanf-cow
3 years ago fanf-trieprep
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