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2002-10-01 Colin WatsonCope with absolute file names (Debian bugs #162837...
2002-09-28 Colin Watsonbin/expandvars: Don't use defined() on arrays.
2002-09-28 Colin Watsonbin: Drop 'use diagnostics;' from all Perl scripts.
2002-09-23 Colin Watsonpwhich: '#! /bin/sh -e' -> '#! /bin/sh', 'set -e'.
2002-09-23 Colin Watsonpwhich: Portability fix, picked up by 'posh'.
2002-09-23 Colin Watsonpwhich: Executable bit.
2002-09-23 Colin Watsonpwhich: A portable (I believe) /bin/sh implementation...
2002-09-16 Colin Watsonfind-package: Cope better with multiple mirrors, and...
2002-09-16 Colin Watsonget-bug-mbox: doogie added a redirector for mbox downloads.
2002-09-11 Colin WatsonUse /dev/null as the "override file".
2002-09-10 Colin WatsonAargh, executable bit.
2002-09-10 Colin WatsonFor those times when keyboard repeat goes bonkers.
2002-09-10 Colin WatsonMove most .pl scripts to names without extensions....
2002-09-10 Colin WatsonMinor tweaks.
2002-09-10 Colin WatsonFix up validation scripts so that they more or less...
2002-09-09 Colin WatsonThe mbox-download BTS facility has been officially...
2002-09-08 Colin WatsonMake CFS scripts executable.
2002-09-07 Colin WatsonMake CFS-handling scripts a bit safer (so multiple...
2002-09-07 Colin WatsonScripts for USB keyfob management.
2002-09-06 Colin WatsonQuieten warning about the lack of a debian-installer...
2002-09-01 Colin WatsonKeysigning script, from Gergely Nagy via Martin Michlmayr.
2002-08-26 Colin WatsonNot needed with the new XSL setup.
2002-08-26 Colin WatsonChange default browser to w3m.
2002-08-26 Colin WatsonRemove ssh-related scripts I don't use any more.
2002-08-22 Colin WatsonRemove 6to4, now kept elsewhere.
2002-08-20 Colin WatsonThis is useless now that I no longer have a hermes...
2002-08-20 Colin WatsonMove AFE-related programs into a separate directory.
2002-08-20 Colin WatsonRemove yet more obsolete programs.
2002-08-20 Colin Watson--passive is a bit pointless for HTTP!
2002-08-19 Colin WatsonSync with the version I use at work.
2002-08-19 Colin WatsonAdd a --verbose option.
2002-08-19 Colin WatsonRemove some obsolete scripts.
2002-08-19 Colin WatsonRemove e-mail text and add Depends: line.
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonSigh. Make these four executable too.
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonSync $HOME/bin from riva. New scripts to get a Debian...
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonRemove historical relic.
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonMake almost everything executable.
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonInitial import of $HOME/bin.