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2014-01-25 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: drop d-i images
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: miscellaneous updates - lenny and squeeze...
2009-05-09 Colin Watsondrop amd64
2009-03-06 Colin Watsonset -e to make it easier to kill this
2009-02-15 Colin Watsonadd squeeze, until such time as I run out of disk space...
2008-05-28 Colin Watsondrop powerpc
2008-05-04 Colin Watsondownload using HTTP
2007-09-22 Colin Watsondrop etch
2007-04-08 Colin Watsonetch -> stable; add lenny
2007-04-03 Colin Watsonremove sarge; add amd64; use rsync --delete
2005-06-08 Colin Watsonstart mirroring etch (yay!)
2005-06-08 Colin Watsonbye-bye, non-US
2005-06-08 Colin Watson--ignore-missing-release for non-US, due to missing
2004-09-10 Colin WatsonUse ln -n to avoid double symlinks.
2004-07-11 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Get sarge and sid explicitly and create...
2004-06-15 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Set up sarge and sid symlinks.
2004-06-15 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Mirror testing as well as unstable.
2004-06-15 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Mirror README*, doc/, indices/, tools...
2004-06-09 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Mirror source.
2004-05-19 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Mirror i386 and powerpc.
2003-07-30 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Continue on errors so that the non-US...
2002-10-02 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: Mirror contrib and non-free too.
2002-09-06 Colin WatsonQuieten warning about the lack of a debian-installer...
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonMake almost everything executable.
2002-08-18 Colin WatsonInitial import of $HOME/bin.