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descriptionColin Watson's ~/bin
ownerColin Watson
last changeSat, 1 Sep 2018 10:01:31 +0000 (11:01 +0100)
2018-09-01 Colin WatsonRemove obsolete baz* scripts master
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonbsmtp-pull: drop -2; avoid connection sharing
2017-12-22 Colin Watsongrep-my-excuses: add openssh-ssh1
2017-12-22 Colin Watsongpg-refresh-cache: accept key ID as optional arg
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonchroot-setup: less error-prone set -e
2017-12-22 Colin Watsonubuntu-paste: convert to python3/argparse/requests
2014-01-25 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: drop d-i images
2014-01-25 Colin Watsonpull-mail: run notmuch new after fetching mail
2014-01-18 Colin Watsondpkg-quilt-setup: be a little more verbose
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonburn-dvd: add -dvd-compat for better format compatibility
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonblank-kvm-image: kvm-img -> qemu-img
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonmbox2maildir: support --help; switch to mb2md
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonbsmtp-pull: tell /usr/sbin/sendmail to deliver in the...
2014-01-18 Colin Watsonmy-debmirror: miscellaneous updates - lenny and squeeze...
2013-02-18 Colin Watsonpull-mail: add --force option; extend running times
2013-02-18 Colin Watsongrep-my-excuses: monitor grub
21 months ago master