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ownerBen Harris
last changeSat, 11 May 2024 23:57:49 +0000 (00:57 +0100)
10 days ago Ben HarrisUpdate version to 002.005 main origin/HEAD origin/main bedstead-002.005
10 days ago Ben HarrisUpdate authorship date
10 days ago Ben HarrisMove glyph complement 40 pt rightward
10 days ago Ben HarrisU+22C6 STAR OPERATOR
10 days ago Ben HarrisCorrected glyph name for U+22C5 DOT OPERATOR
10 days ago Ben HarrisXOR, NAND, and NOR
10 days ago Ben HarrisYijing monograms, digrams, and trigrams
11 days ago Ben HarrisRevert "Private use area mappings for separated 4-cell...
11 days ago Ben HarrisFurther harpoons
11 days ago Ben HarrisAdd U+2686 to U+2689
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisA few more APL symbols
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisThree more glyphs used by BQN
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisEmpty set symbol, since I can do a tolerable one
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisA few more circled operators and a new Oslash
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisA couple of n-ary circled operators to go with normal...
2024-05-05 Ben HarrisMake various circled operators bigger
10 days ago bedstead-002.005
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