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descriptionINDI driver for a motorised telescope focuser built out of LEGO
last changeSun, 3 Jul 2022 21:10:28 +0000 (23:10 +0200)
2022-07-03 Alexandra LanesMerge branch 'master' of master
2022-07-03 Alexandra LanesA working version, ish
2022-07-01 Alexandra LanesStart of pybricks compatibility, and add sync value...
2022-06-22 Alexandra LanesFinish main bit of focuser design
2022-06-22 Alexandra LanesLDraw source for my Lego Focuser widget
2022-06-22 Alexandra LanesShallower to fit into the knob, bigger side slots.
2022-06-18 Alexandra LanesUpdate focus position while moving
2022-06-18 Alexandra LanesUse standard DEVICE_PORT property
2022-06-18 Alexandra LanesAdd absolute focuser motion definition
2022-06-18 Alexandra LanesAdd absolute motion
2022-06-18 Alexandra LanesA Lego gear which will fit in the Orion SkyScanner...
2022-06-04 Alexandra LanesAllow choice of port on the Build HAT
2022-06-03 Alexandra LanesInitial commit of and xml
17 months ago master