Other Tek Scope resources, on and off the net.

These Resources are in no particular order.

Tektronix Oscilloscopes

The modern day website for Tektronix Oscillopes. This contains download links for manuals for some of the more modern ranges of discontinued scopes and some useful tutorials.

BAMA (Tektronix Section)

This is a section of Kenneth Grimm's (K4XL) very useful Boat Anchor Manual Archive whose primary purpose is to be a collection of manuals for valve (tube) based amateur radio equipment. As older equipment of this nature tends to be large and heavy someone once suggested that its only productive use was as a boat mooring -- hence the name boat anchors. However, despite the name, it contains a large collection of manuals for older test equipment and the Tektronix collection is excellent particuarly for the 500 series Tek Scopes (and plugins). If you have a manual which is not in the archive which is not available for download from Tek, do consider contributing a scan!

Tektronix Oscilloscopes Museum

This site contains some information on the early history of Tektronix Oscilloscopes, and looks set to expand further.

Peter Keller

Peter A. Keller of Tektronix is the author of a hard cover book closely related to oscilloscopes, called The Cathode-Ray Tube: Technology, History, and Applications. It is a very readable book and covers radar, television, and computer display CRT's as well. CRT development is traced as far back as the early 1600s and the first man-made phosphor. Oscilloscope CRTs are discussed from laboratory curiosity stage up to current technology. The history of RCA and Du Mont CRTs is also well-covered as are many others. There are approximately 300 illustrations including many photographs of historic CRTs and approximately 800 references to aid in locating additional information of interest to the reader.

It is of particular interest to the classic Tek collector as it includes quite a bit on the history of the development of Tek CRTs. In particular, it covers the development of the such classic CRTs as those used in the Tek 530/540 series and many more. It goes on to talk about technological developments like the scan expansion and microchannel plate CRTs.

If you are interested in this book published by Palisades Press, it may be ordered directly (signed copies available on request) from
Peter A. Keller,
7445 SW Bayberry Drive,
Oregon 97007,
for $69.50 USD plus S&H (62.50 plus S&H for TCA members). S&H is 6.00 USD for all US orders, 10.00 USD for international surface mail, and 25.00 USD for international air mail. The ISBN number is 0-9631559-0-3, should you wish to try to obtain it locally via your own bookstore.

Peter Keller is always interested in discussing Tubes and CRTs in particular.

Ed Matsuda

Ed Matsuda has an excellent assortment of manuals for your old Tek for very reasonable prices. He also sells HP manuals. Ed can be also be contacted by Email.

Ed Matsuda
Test Equipment Manuals
P.O. Box 390613
San Diego, CA 92149
Tel: 1-619-479-0225
Fax: 1-619-479-1670

Stan Griffiths

If you are interested in old Tektronix scopes, I might especially recommend Stan Griffiths' "Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Restoring a Classic", which is a handy reference to all Tek scopes made before 1970. It lists all Plugins and Scopes, and has a chapter on how to troubleshoot and repair them.

It can be bought for US$ 24.95 from Stan himself: (price includes shipping by surface mail)

Stan Griffiths, W7NI
18955 S.W. Blanton Street
Aloha, OR 97007

If you are in Australia, the book can be bought from:

Dean Davidson
PO Box U116
University of New England

The price is Austr. $20, which includes shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Dean can be contacted by phone on 067 73 2585 or by email at ddavidso@metz.une.edu.au. Although by no means an expert he might be able to help you - or at least provide a shoulder to cry upon! Dean also dabbles in HP test equipment.


Tektronix also has a website, which does not contain a lot of interesting info on tube scopes.

In terms of parts and manuals: (This info is provided as per February 1997) Ed Caryl of Tektronix tells me: "We try to support the older scopes with technical information whenever possible. Unfortunately, many of the older scope manuals are out of print. All the manuals are still available on microfiche. The prices (for the microfiches) are in the $5 to $20 range."
In terms of parts, Tektronix does NOT stock most of the parts for your 500 series 'scope. They do NOT have tubes, switches, transformers, and other major parts like CRT's. Some special semiconductors like sampling bridges may still be available. Inquiries with the part number can be made to the customer support centre.
On the subject of transformers and the 'lifetime warranty' that is spoken of in the old manuals: "The lifetime warranty on transformers was discontinued in about 1971." That is when your scope died for the law. New transformers for 500 series scopes are NOT available from Tektronix. Some 400 series transformers may still be available. Again, mail contact the customer support centre if you have a specific enquiry and they will see what they can do for you.

A.G. Tannenbaum

A.G. Tannenbaum sells manuals for old Tek scopes. If you have a manual they want and don't have yet, I am told they will also do swaps. They have a Homepage . You can also check directly to see if they have the Tek manual you need.

Bruce Rogers

Bruce Rogers is interested in discussing older Tek and HP equipment, and is interested in buying/selling/swapping scopes & parts. Bruce has a Homepage and can be reached by email.

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