This is, as you might have noticed, a virtual museum. Unfortunately, that means that you cannot actually touch all the scopes in the museum, but not to worry... virtual museums have several advantages as well. Probably most significantly, in the Virtual Museum of Tek Scopes the exhibits do not all have to be geographically located at the same place. The exhibits in the museum are, as you read this, spread all over the world, and have been kindly contributed to the museum by enthousiastic visitors. To all of you: Thanks a lot. Without your assistance, the museum would not be what it is today.

This Virtual Musuem was originally started by Arnoud Vanderwel, and deserves much credit for the contents.

NameEmail Address
Robert Bernstein rdb (at)
Tom Buchanan
Evert Fruitman
Stan Griffiths
Mike Hammer
Brian Kline
Bruce Rogers
Bernard Tichit
Hans van de Weyer

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