Circuit Diagrams

One of the jokes from the Tek service manuals!

530,540,550,580 Series

And for all those poor souls having just found their first Tek and unsure on how to proceed, finding the poor thing dead and not having a manual, I have here some useful bits of circuit diagram. These I copied from the Tek 585A manual, but I believe them to be reasonably representative of most 530, 540 and 580 series scopes. You may wish to disagree, please let me know. Note: Tube numbers for the non-A versions are different.

560 Series

Here is something similar for the 560 series of scopes. The diagrams are from the manual of the 564, but I suspect the 561 will be largely identical. I don't know about the 560 itself. The 564B is different.

Notes: See above.

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