userv permissions and logging

Bob Easthope Bob.Easthope at
Sun Jul 28 16:15:16 BST 2013

Hi moving some apps over to centos 6.4 server and some cgi programs that use userv, figured out compiling it and getting permissions etc right in apache but when I attempt to run a cgi perl program called configure for foswiki get:-
Jul 28 12:31:27 ecm-wikidev uservd[4578]: user apache -> twiki : cgi-apache
Jul 28 12:31:27 ecm-wikidev uservd[4578]: service failed (request rejected)

It isn't clear from the docs what this means, sounds like user apache changes to twiki but isn't showing any error as to why request was rejected, can you help, is there some more logging so I can see exactly what userv is trying to do that fails?


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