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> Brian Reay <no.sp at m.com> wrote:
> [car fuel economy]
> > I assume the rest of the difference in mpg is due to emissions control
> > etc., most of our cars have air conditioning these days (which was often
> > blamed) 
> [...]
> I was horrified to find that aircon costs me ~5mpg (Imperial) - that's
> ~12%. The figures were instaneous and taken under constant conditions;
> i.e. straight and level cruising at normal motorway speed with little or
> no wind, repeated several times over several minutes. Admittedly they
> rely on the car's computer so may not be as accurate as if they were
> taken over a measured run and checked against \actual\ fuel consumption,
> but this method ensures that conditions are constant. It's a 2 litre
> engine, BTW.
> -- 
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