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> On 01/01/16 22:42, Brian Howie wrote:
> > In message <n66bsk$lra$1 at news.albasani.net>, crn at post.netunix.com writes
> >> Where is everyone hiding - is the system broken ?
> >> Come on guys, tell us what you are planning in the shack for 2016.
> >>
> >> Or is amatuer radio dead - not a squeek here or on 2m for days.
> >>
> >
> > Hogmanay isn't over yet here in Edinburgh.
> That's naethin'!
> June one year, visiting an old friend in Gairidh a Bhàird (South Lochs, 
> Isle of Lewis), the curtain twitched.
> "Tony! Come in. We were afraid it was the Meenister!"
> "Afraid? Why?"
> "We were watching the telefission. Have we seen you since the New Year?"
> "No, I've not been on the Island this year."
> "We'll have one for the New Year, then!" <draws cork from pristine 
> bottle and throws it on the fire (in the kitchen stove)>
> BTW, for anyone who's interested: Lidl have (or maybe have had?) a 22 
> year old Islay single malt which they call Ben Bracken (do not confuse 
> with their vatted malt, also called Ben Bracken). Only fortymumble quid, 
> and not a bad drop. It comes in a very nice hinged box with a plush 
> lining. Well worth keeping that (and its original bottle) for safe 
> transport of liquid assets. (I have a suspicion that Peat Monster 
> bottles will fit.)
> -- 
> Rusty Hinge
> To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer and the BOFH.
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