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> Posted by rickman in rec.radio.amateur.antenna:
> <na7fnh$n3h$1 at dont-email.me>
> "Then there is u.r.a.m with lots of discussions on nearly anything but 
> ham radio....".
> Well, it's not hard to work out who the usual suspects might be here.
> A message for UKRAM posters and moderators might be "Sharpen up your act 
> before the group's name gets tarnished even more". Already you are 
> driving people away, and you can ill afford to let that carry on as so 
> few YES voters have turned up as regular posters, and none have been 
> brought in from Facebook, Twitter, RSS or Atom feeds.
> The elephant in the room here is that this unhappy condition is entirely 
> in the hands of the mods and the posters of UKRAM, and no-one else. 
> Blame-shifting won't work.
> -- 
> Spike
>   "They thought that because they had power, they had wisdom"
>   - with apologies to Stephen Vincent Benet
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