remember Wassenaar? No more crypto blocking now, but malware brokering center

Erich M. me at
Sun Sep 4 23:03:36 BST 2016

Dear all,
For those of you who remember the so called crypto wars and read German
here is a trilogy round the Wassenaar Office in Vienna. Until 2000 NSA,
GCHQ and Co used the Wassenaar treaty to block secure defensive crypto
products. Nowadays the same Wassenaar office serves as the global
brokerage for trojans, backdoors and the likes

Wien ist die globale Exportzentrale für Schadsoftware

The other two stories of the trilogy

Der aktuelle NSA-"Hack" war ein Insiderjob

Militärs und Polizei regieren "Cyber-Schurkenmarkt"

Wassenaar Story from 1998

Tnx for your patience
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