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Nicholas Bohm nbohm at
Wed Jan 27 17:49:25 GMT 2016

On 27/01/2016 11:55, Graham Cobb wrote:
> On 26/01/16 18:01, Nicholas Bohm wrote:
>> What these bodies can certainly do is assert "There is a solicitor
>> [doctor/surgeon/etc] on our register with address [etc]."  What they
>> find much harder is to assert "The person you are dealing with is the
>> same person as the one to whom the foregoing assertion applies."
>> They are naturally concerned about the risks of making the first
>> assertion and being understood to have made the second,
> Well, I hope they are all prioritising solving that problem!!  As they
> have a (legally and socially recognised) function to register their
> practitioners they need to do it in a way that conveys useful
> information to the consumers of those services.
> As their practitioners move online, and join social networks, the first
> assertion becomes irrelevant and only the second is useful.  If the
> existing professional bodies can't solve it, someone else will have to
> and will assume their powers.
> A professional "register" in this day and age does not list names and
> addresses, it lists public signing keys.

I suspect we may have some way to go before this becomes the norm.

Do you know of any that do this?

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