Draft IP-Bill enters wrap-up phase

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Wed Jan 27 12:50:56 GMT 2016

In article <56A8B02E.3080607 at gmail.com>, Dave Howe 
<davehowe.pentesting at gmail.com> writes
>>> By default private internets are no more secure than the public one.
>> Quibbling about the terminology, those are probably private intranets.
>I would argue for internet - it's a externally provisioned network, with
>its own centrally adminstered IPv4 space, that joins disparate locally
>adminstered LANs that may or may not NAT or firewall their traffic when
>talking to the other hosts on that network (but if they don't, they
>should). I use a capital I when talking about the public Internet rather
>than private internetworking networks, but can't recall where I picked
>up that convention from.

Yes the public Internet should have a capital letter like the Queen.

Maybe a bunch of interconnected networks which aren't attached to the 
Internet could be "a" [different] internet, but I've rarely encountered 
that usage.

>not sure what a public intranet would be, other than a contradiction in
>terms? :D

Roland Perry

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