Personal certs

Dave Howe davehowe.pentesting at
Wed Jan 27 11:55:46 GMT 2016

On 27/01/2016 05:16, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Adrian Midgley <amidgley at> writes:
>> Why did Thawte Web of Trust (a phrase I associate with Phil 
>> Zimmerman) die?
> Because no-one was interested in it [0].  The few people who care 
> about WoT did it with PGP, not X.509.

Thawte's WoT would do pgp too; I just assumed given it was discontinued
shortly after Thawte was sold, that the new owners didn't want any
"community" involvement.

A group I was a member of tried to set up a WoT like structure using
Public Notaries to emboss a print of the key thumbprints for an
individual, but it didn't work outside of the USA (given most other
countries don't have PNs and/or don't respect the US ones)

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