Age verification

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Thu Dec 15 02:33:30 GMT 2016

Graham Cobb <g+ukcrypto>

>  2. Bank verifies your age.

>  3. You request them to sign a certificate stating that you are over a
>  specific age (say 18).

>  4. Bank provides the certificate to you.

>  5. You pass the certificate to the entity needing the proof (say, a
>  nightclub).

>  6. Nightclub validates the certificate against the bank's public key
>  (without needing to contact the bank).

>  The hard part would seem to be proving that the certificate relates to
>  the actual person who is presenting it (to a practical level of
>  certainty similar to traditional techniques), without allowing the
>  nightclub to find out who that person is! I assume it would have to be

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