Radio4: MI5 Director General Andrew Parker on terrorism

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at
Thu Sep 17 21:23:23 BST 2015

Kinda historic for a serving DG of the SS to be interviewed. Very 
soft-spoken chap, but no real meat -

"we work under a legal framework with independent supervision",
"I have no opinion on judicial authorisations for interceptions", (!!!)
"?international? framework for CSPs to report suspicious stuff",

glossed over "going dark" and "terrorists can communicate without our 
being able to get content even with a legal warrant" - no suggested 
solutions .

At one bit he got a little - I'm not sure what. @17.00:

Q "Do you recognise criticism that your approaches can be a cause of 
alienation and indeed perhaps radicalisation?"

A "No, I completely dismiss that. {...} it's the sort of thing that our 
detractors, and indeed some people which we ought to take an interest 
in, would want to say, but I'm afraid it's totally untrue."

Bit of the iron fist maybe: if you are a detractor maybe MI5 ought to 
take an interest in you ?? If you diss us, we will ... what?

-- Peter Fairbrother

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