ICR "Unique Identifiers"

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Wed Nov 11 19:14:23 GMT 2015

In article <D7B0B305-33EF-4999-A9EA-DD7163C9411C at batten.eu.org>, Ian 
Batten <igb at batten.eu.org> writes
>>> This statement in the document is false, as far as I can see from a technical
>>> perspective:
>>> "ICRs therefore provide the unique identifier to distinguish between different
>>> users of a shared IP address"
>> I'm sure that this is about identifying the users behind carrier-grade-NAT.
>I agree.
>As one of my students asked after a lecture on, co-incidentally, the problems
 >caused for law enforcement by CG NAT, "wouldn’t it be better for the
 >government to spend the money encouraging IPv6?"

You have to persuade a whole range of international mobile phone
handset and infrastructure designers/manufacturers. People were talking 
seriously about the need for IPv6 for mobiles and broadband back in at 
least 2007:


...especially the final presentation, but not much has happened.
Roland Perry

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