s.94 Telecommunications Act 1984

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk
Thu Nov 5 13:58:21 GMT 2015

On 05/11/15 12:57, Roland Perry wrote:
> In article <563A68C9.8030809 at zen.co.uk>, Peter Fairbrother
> <zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk> writes
>> Teresa May announced today that secret orders have been issued to ISPs
>> to  intercept bulk communications data of people in the UK.
> Can you elucidate? Is this all customers of all ISPs, or some more
> precisely defined subset.

Ah, apparently it's only telephone service providers. And only some of them.

Such a big deal was made of it (justification for weblog retention, it's 
what's already happening) that I had thought it would at least apply to 

-- Peter Fairbrother

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