ICR "Unique Identifiers"

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Thu Nov 5 13:03:56 GMT 2015

In article <e2ek3bp6mckp2ld9bv5hnvejdj9b5tlvgb at 4ax.com>, Marcus 
Williamson <marcus at connectotel.com> writes

>This statement in the document is false, as far as I can see from a technical
>"ICRs therefore provide the unique identifier to distinguish between different
>users of a shared IP address"

I'm sure that this is about identifying the users behind 
carrier-grade-NAT. Which is widespread on 3G and being rolled out by BT 
to its broadband customers on the cheapest tariffs (as an IPv4 
exhaustion measure rather than anything more sinister).

Roland Perry

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