Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

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Thu Nov 5 12:51:40 GMT 2015

In article <563A6CC0.2070904 at zen.co.uk>, Peter Fairbrother 
<zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk> writes

>> JOOI, what has been already-found illegal about RIPAs rules for
>> disclosure of comms data?
>I was referring to the EU (digital rights ireland) and UK ([2015] EWHC 
>2092) supreme courts decisions that the then/present comms data 
>_retention_ regime was/is/are illegal.

Ah-ha! There's nothing about that sort of data retention in RIPA.

If commentators can't distinguish between data retention and data 
disclosure, then the debate is never going to get usefully off the
first base.
Roland Perry

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