Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

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Wed Nov 4 20:13:52 GMT 2015

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Barnfather <lists at barnfather.net> writes
>The various commentators are talking about “Internet service providers”, but it seems they are not just talking about ISPs like Talk Talk and
>BT. As far as I can tell, they mean “anyone that provides a communications service on the Internet”. So, presumably my bank’s secure messaging
>service is covered by this Bill as well?

I'd expect the new rules to say that a connectivity ISP such as TalkTalk 
should log the fact you had a session with your bank. But nothing more 
than that.

Is who you bank with a secret? And might knowing who a criminal banked 
with be a useful step in apprehending him (after you've used a more 
traditional warrant to get sight of his bank statements), if he's just 
ripped off a few thousand innocent consumers by a few tens of pounds 
Roland Perry

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