ICR "Unique Identifiers"

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Wed Nov 4 16:19:13 GMT 2015

In article <C5A5B053-5205-4B8B-A581-769A4794B196 at batten.eu.org>, Ian 
Batten <igb at batten.eu.org> writes
>What?  What?  What is this on about?  I’m guessing it means you 
>need to store whatever the token was that was used to issue an IP 
>number (IMEI, modem MAC, etc), but it’s surely not going to be able 
>to do anyhing about downstream NAT

It's not a secret that they are trying to "do something" about 
Carrier-Grade NAT, which has always been a characteristic of most GSM 
data access, but is now infiltrating fixed broadband, largely because of 
the exhaustion of IPv4 addressing.

It's the 2015 equivalent of wanting to know which subscriber had which 
dynamic IP address (at a specific time/date) issued from a dial-up modem 
in the 90's.
Roland Perry

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