Policy under an unchained Theresa May

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There's always the possibility that with only a 12-seat majority a
backbench rebellion [1] could prevent this passing, but if it's put through
before Labour have a new leader, one who would hopefully [2] enforce a
three-line whip against the Draft Communications Data Bill, then opposition
MPs such as Hazel Blears (& the DUP) could vote for it, as such support has
been forthcoming on previous legislation

There has been some talk of *extremely* minute limitations on the
mass-deployment of DPI probes already [3], but it's hard to see any light
at the end of this tunnel, if you'll excuse the unintentional pun. I think
legislation like this really only provides some form of legal framework to
cover the scale of collection, and ultimately, much like the ridiculous
blustering about backdoors, it is too much a distraction from the real
issue which affects communications security from any given global "passive"
adversary: end-point vulnerabilities.

[1] David Davis has consistently opposed the draft legislation.
[2] A political analyst might suggest this may be only out of a desire to
simply bloody the government's nose, rather than any commitment to
supporting evidence-based policy.

On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 2:58 PM, Peter Mitchell <otcbn at callnetuk.com> wrote:

> “A Conservative government would be giving the security agencies and law
> enforcement agencies the powers that they need to ensure they're keeping up
> to date as people communicate with communications data. We were prevented
> from bringing in that legislation into the last government because of the
> coalitions with the Lib Dems and we are determined to bring that through
> because we believe that is necessary to maintain the capabilities of our
> law enforcement agencies so they can continue to do the excellent job day
> in day out of keeping us safe and secure”
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