Francis Davey fjmd1a at
Wed May 6 17:41:20 BST 2015

My apologies if this is a stupid question, but someone might be able to
give me some perspective.

If I navigate to, Chrome seems less than happy. It
complains about the cryptographic technology being obsolete and also that
the site does not possess a public key certificate (if I am interpreting
correctly). The icon it displays suggests a fairly qualified acceptance of
the site.

If I then click on the log in button I am sent to for
which Chrome has other (but slightly different) complaints. Also: in the
process a window very briefly appears and then vanishes again (which is
always unsettling).

Is it safe for me to go forward and enter my security details to access my
account, or should I contact the bank and ask them to fix it (or rather to
wait in their customer service queue to be told "no" after much
incomprehension I suspect).

Thoughts? I am keen not to have my bank account hacked.

Francis Davey
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