Crypto wars redux?

Dave Howe davehowe.pentesting at
Thu Jan 22 12:53:19 GMT 2015

On 21/01/2015 20:06, Roland Perry wrote:
> In article <54BEBDA9.7080304 at>, Dave Howe
> <DaveHowe at> writes
>>> And everyone else is probably forgetting that gathering information
>>> about who is contacting who, is most of the time just as valuable as
>>> what was actually said.
>> And yet, they already HAVE that (in spades, if the story at
>> is anything to go by) but apparently that isn't good enough?
> Were those emails encrypted?
Probably not, but from a metadata point of view (Your "who is contacting
who" ) I doubt that matters.
sender, recipient, and subject line are seldom protected in end-to-end
crypto, although obviously TLS would obfuscate that.

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