Crypto wars redux?

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Mon Jan 19 14:56:45 GMT 2015

In article <CCE82388-C003-48DA-B830-29612843D120 at>, Ian 
Batten <igb at> writes
>> Well any terrorist who does not use end-to-end encryption deserves all he gets.
>Yet again, it appears that the security services are forgetting that the communications they're
>interested in are between small numbers of people (unlike, say, an army or a government) who
>have lawful right to be in the country (unlike, say, the Krogers) and who probably aren't
>fussed about timescales substantially tighter than a couple of days (ie first class post),
>and those people are only exchange small amounts of data (as opposed to, say, photographs of
>stolen plans of ships).  Word code in letters, word code between call boxes, person to person
>meetings, one time pads...

And everyone else is probably forgetting that gathering information 
about who is contacting who, is most of the time just as valuable as 
what was actually said.
Roland Perry

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