Crypto wars redux?

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Fri Jan 16 11:51:52 GMT 2015

maybe 'cos the NSA have been found out in manipulating Crypto so the 5eyes
are looking at alternative methods going forwards?

Interesting podcast with Matthew Green from Johns Hopkins Uni in the US.....

Martin Hepworth, CISSP
Oxford, UK

On 16 January 2015 at 10:58, Roland Perry <lists at>

> In article <ukLy7PD6jNuUFAdO at>, Roland Perry <
> lists at> writes
>  "the Guardian has established that the prime minister has in mind the
>> need to create a better legal framework for breaking into and monitoring
>> the encrypted communications of terror suspects."
>> Which sounds more like demanding session keys from large comms providers
>> (something which was resisted by bankers during RIPA's passage).
> And today:
> "Cameron will also press Obama to put more pressure on the internet
> giants, such as Facebook and Twitter, to do more to co-operate with the
> intelligence agencies as they seek to monitor the communications of terror
> suspects. The prime minister this week outlined plans to create a stronger
> legal framework to allow intelligence agencies to break into encrypted
> communications of suspects."
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> Roland Perry
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