Transaction data stored on Contactless Credit Cards

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Wed Sep 10 10:27:59 BST 2014


Lots of the work on the ITSO methodology has been done in a volunteer 
capacity, and it was really only 2 years ago that a serious move to make 
the whole ITSO environment ready for deployment in a fully integrated 
manner across all surface and sub-surface public transport in the UK 
(including deploying ITSO on Prestige) got going. ATOC is now fully on 
board (sic). All new heavy rail franchisees are now required to deploy 
full ITSO compliant ticketing. What we therefore need is broad 
regulation for electronic ticketing and related journey management 
methods across all surface and sub-surface public transport - regulation 
that ensures that the customer experience comes first.

The ITSO Specification is owned by the Crown. ITSO Ltd (a company 
limited by guarantee without shares) is responsible for the 
Specification, specifying and procuring the SAMs, operating a key 
management and distribution service, testing all equipment and system 
types for compliance... The company has recently appointed a Programme 
Manager; moves to raise more funding for development are under way.

You and all others on this list are welcome to join ITSO Ltd as a Member 
(min fee £1K p.a. plus VAT - that's for a small business, more for a 
larger organisation).

(Please note that the views expressed in this email are solely the views 
of the writer who has been a Member of ITSO Ltd since it was first 
opened up to all comers.)


On 10/09/2014 09:01, Roland Perry wrote:
> That makes sense, as does taking money from an ITSO "purse". But I 
> nevertheless have a strong recollection of reading a technical 
> document which said that ticket barriers didn't have time to do two 
> sets of handshakes (one to read and the other to write). Perhaps that 
> was CPC after all - although it's understandable if banks don't want 
> "other people" writing to "their" card; but the whole CPC-for-travel 
> thing is a bit of a leap in the dark when it comes to trust between 
> the three parties involved.
> If it helps, information dribbling out from train companies (such as 
> C2C) about ITSO currently indicates that if you have more than one 
> pre-purchased ticket on the card then their gates will only use them 
> in the order they were purchased, which sounds like a way to simplify 
> that decision. 

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