Google blocking 7zip

Richard Hopkins Richard.Hopkins at
Mon Mar 31 08:40:31 BST 2014

--On 28 March 2014 15:33 +0000 Ian Batten <igb at> wrote:

>> I haven't seen any announcement about this...nor any discussion, but
>> it's causing us (as a Google Apps for Education "customer") pain.
> Earth to Amphitheatre Parkway: email content policies suitable for
> protecting naive end users might not be ideal for computer science
> departments.  And vice versa.

Indeed. Our non-technical users can manage simple encryption (7zip), but 
not PGP. Seems a nonsense to suggest that we can protect our users more 
effectively by telling them to encrypt using ZIP rather than 7zip (or in 
our case, use 7zip to create encrypted .zip archives rather than encrypted 
.7z archives).


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