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Mon Mar 24 08:23:13 GMT 2014

In article <532F77E5.90405 at zen.co.uk>, Peter Fairbrother 
<zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk> writes
>Just one point, in the "evidence against you" case, if they can prove 
>to criminal standards it is in the safe, they don't need to get you to 
>open the safe - they can just convict you on the evidence.

In a criminal case they don't need criminal standard evidence to be able 
to request opening the safe.

>It's when they can't prove that that it gets interesting. In the civil 
>case, assuming that they can't get you to open the safe - Nicholas 
>thinks they might be able to - you can only be convicted (of contempt) 
>if they can prove the egg is in the safe.

No, the contempt is failing to obey the order, even if it turns out 
there's no egg inside.
Roland Perry

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