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Thu Mar 20 22:46:47 GMT 2014

On 18/03/14 08:46, Francis Davey wrote:
> 2014-03-18 8:38 GMT+00:00 Roland Perry <lists at
> <mailto:lists at>>:
>     Are you sure that a court can't order a person to open their safe,
>     on pain of being in contempt of court?
> In some circumstances a court could order someone to hand over what is
> in the safe to another person, yes. Failure to obey the order would be a
> contempt and could be dealt with by imprisonment.
> Example: you lend me your Faberge egg and I don't give it back when I
> should. You obtain an injunction for delivery up of your property. I
> refuse etc.

Suppose I say that the egg is not in the safe? Could a Court order me to 
open the safe? I'm pretty sure it could order some baillifs or whoever 
to open it, but order me?

Suppose you can't prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that some evidence 
against me is in the safe until you see it - and the only way to see it 
is if I open the safe?

-- Peter F

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