Cutting crime with road cameras

Nigel Metheringham nigel at
Fri Mar 7 12:45:52 GMT 2014

Chris Edwards wrote:
> Am I missing something here - shurely RIPA already allows Met Police to
> access this TfL data, as appropriate.  In which case, presumably the
> consultation is really about granting some higher level of access,
> possibly with less oversight than RIPA currently requires.

RIPA would almost certainly allow them to get the data after the event - 
as in 'hand me the data for 1 Jan'.  This looks more like having them 
set up to receive the data stream as its produced.  It would need to be 
done within an appropriate data protection framework, and the ICO have 
been known to be more than a little dubious regarding blanket collection 
of ANPR for anti-crime reasons

It might also trigger complaints/investigations of the existing 
retention policy for this data.  In terms of the existing reason for 
collecting it - enforcement of congestion/low-emission charges - there 
is not a good reason for keeping it substantially longer than the 
payment/appeal process

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