RIPA s 12(7)

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Sun Jun 15 23:49:40 BST 2014

Francis seems to have some email problems, reposted

> On 15/06/14 20:33, Peter Fairbrother wrote:
>> Actually there is another and perhaps rather amusing issue here:
>> RIPA ss.50(2)
>> "A person subject to a requirement under subsection (1)(b) to make a
>> disclosure of any information in an intelligible form [ie the recipient
>> of a s.49 notice] shall be taken to have complied with that
>> requirement if—
>> (a) he makes, instead, a disclosure of *any* key to the protected
>> information that is in his possession; and [...]"
> O Lawyers, does that mean that if eg it needs two keys to decrypt, and
> he supplies only one, he has complied with the requirement?
> Or does the *any* mean *every*?

Read on to (4) - (7). The drafters have thought about that. The effect 
of those subsections together with (2) suggest that (2) means "all 
subject to ...".

Translated into English: in a case where there are multiple keys, you 
may choose to disclose a subset of keys that, taken together, will allow 
access to the protected information. You need not disclose any other keys.

Francis Davey

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