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I think that the company is genuine, although I would like to see a
detailed description of their protocols.

This Wired article gives slightly more detail than the company's own

Also, Bill Roscoe's (Head of Computer Science at Oxford) website suggests
that they are commercialising work he did with Gavin Lowe.

A classic mistake for new companies is to talk to the press before filing
for a trademark (filing date 11 April 2014), but it appears that nobody
took advantage of that lapse. Presumably their trademark lawyer told them
that OxCEPT (same capitalisation) is already the name of the Oxford Centre
for Ecclesiology and Practical Theology, a Church of England training and
research programme.

For any of you planning to start a computer security company please publish
sufficient information on your website for peer review.

On 13 June 2014 13:46, Roland Perry <lists at internetpolicyagency.com> wrote:

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> writes
>  Well to be fair they haven't even get the name of the University right
>> - despite it being correctly rendered in the seal :)
> To be fair, to take just one example, the rowers are called Oxford
> University Boat Club (OUBC) and not the University of Oxford Boat Club
> (UOBC) so it's not surprising both forms of name are in widespread use.
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> Roland Perry
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