RIPA s 12(7)

Caspar Bowden (lists) lists at
Thu Jun 12 12:20:09 BST 2014

On 06/12/14 08:43, Peter Sommer wrote:
> ..
> GMail or any of the non-UK webmail service providers could however 
> embed encryption into their offerings but the UK government would not 
> be able to force them to introduce an interception capability;  it 
> would have to be done by agreement.

..but a s.49 RIP order can require CSP to produce plaintext (or key) to 
any past (or future) data. If the key isn't available (e.g there is 
client-side code) a recipient of a s.49 can be required to give all 
co-operation necessary to have a defence.

Wonder opinions if this sufficient for UK to (coercively) "do a 
Hushmail" ? Or under Intel Services Act, or RIPA Pt.2 ?


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