Data retention question

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Sun Jul 20 16:38:42 BST 2014

On 19/07/14 21:09, Roland Perry wrote:
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>> Realistically, is there much point trying to educate MPs?
> I hope so. I think there might also be some point in educating people
> outside parliament on how legislation passes through the system.

We will have to agree to differ: on fairly technical subjects, like
crypto, I see little point in educating MPs -- concentrate the efforts
on the civil servants setting policy and, particularly, those drafting
the legislation.

Where I do see point, is in educating MPs on "softer" topics -- more
political and policy related.  For example, the importance of human
rights: including how the right to privacy is critical to other rights
they are more aware of and already care more about, such as free
expression, health, family life, safety, business, etc.  It might be
worth trying to educate them on how the rule of law in the Internet age
is dependent on governance with consent, and that getting consent means
respecting human rights, particularly those that despotic regimes ride
roughshod over.

Most important of all, the challenge is how to make rights such as
privacy important to the electorate, so that they become important to
politicians.  Once that happens, crypto can take care of itself.


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