Data retention question

Brian Morrison bdm at
Fri Jul 18 17:18:09 BST 2014

On Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:57:13 +0100
Roland Perry wrote:

> > I have nothing against last minute
> >amendments per se, but I would prefer that there is a period of calm
> >to consider them fully rather than amending the Bill in a mad
> >scramble.  
> But every Bill is amended in a "mad scramble", even if it's been in
> the works for months.

Why is this? Is it done deliberately to make it difficult to fix
deliberately bad drafting I wonder?

> The policy-making and lobbying behind the scramble might well have
> been going on for years, which is the case for RIPA, Data Retention
> etc. It's hardly as if the topic has never been discussed the last
> ten years and people need to start making their minds up in a rush.

This time 450+ MPs appear to have not noticed that the new legislation
makes the blanket data retention aspects even worse and hence the ECJ
objection to its predecessor is quite unchanged. Or did the whips
blackmail them all by referring to their character notes?


Brian Morrison

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