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> On 17/07/14 10:38, Ian Batten wrote:
>> There doesn't seem to be a venue for subject matter experts to offer  
>> their knowledge to MPs in the
>> large.  You can correspond with your own MP, but if it's not something  
>> on their radar then it's
>> not clear how you make input to other MPs.
> The channels to MPs seem to be lobbyists, think tanks and party policy
> units.  Unfortunately, those all choose their experts to match their
> existing views, rather than the other way round.
> The only way to educate MPs on crypto policy is to turn it into a major
> public issue -- in a similar way to global warming.  Then they will at
> least be willing to be educated to the "sound bite" level -- we can't
> hope for better than that.

Can I just remind you that, 10 years ago, this group managed to forge  
pretty good links with a group of peers, and RIPA was the better for it.  
We could do it again if we had to, but it takes time (we failed at the  
Commons stage because we had not learnt the ropes). But a Bill that HAS to  
be passed in 3 days is not a good candidate for such an operation.

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