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Sorry for top-posting - waiting for a train to prove the ukcrypto uk.railway crossover again. 

I'm aware of all-party groups, and went to a few all-party internet group meetings at portcullis house. One appeared to consist of an opportunity for men of a certain age to get sweaty over Tanya Byron.  In fact, I have a memory of standing next to you in a side room while some ld peer (Susan Kramer?) spoke.  But I didn't see those as serious forums for influence. Are they?  If not, where is?


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>>> my approach to that is to actually contribute (educate, inform etc) at
>>> first hand regarding technology issues when I think it'll help. How
>>> many others here were available on-site on Tuesday
>> I don't think it's as simple as checking yourself into Portcullis house and sitting in the atrium
>> with a sign saying "Crypto how?  Ask me now!"  Perhaps we could all cluster on the wall outside with
>> signs saying "Will do policy analysis for food".
> Almost all the time what you suggest is months too late.
>> I'd be very happy to do educational work with MPs on crypto/intercept policy, and (in broad terms) I'd do it
>> for free too.  I don't get the slightest sense that they're interested.
> Only because you apparently aren't aware of the channels through which such advice might be offered.
>> I was at an event with Julian Huppert a few weeks ago which Caspar was at as well.  But he was there as a speaker, and a very good one at that, and I'm not sure that he learned much that he didn't already know.
> Julian has his agenda, and quite well informed. He's not the audience for the sort of advice I'm talking about.
>> There doesn't seem to be a venue for subject matter experts to offer their knowledge to MPs in the large.
> Try going to some of the All-Party groups. Although I'm not saying you have to educate "in the large", about 1% is enough to make a difference.
>> You can correspond with your own MP, but if it's not something on their radar then it's not clear how you make input to other MPs.
> Not that trite route, certainly.
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> Roland Perry

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