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Thu Jul 17 17:00:55 BST 2014

2014-07-17 16:50 GMT+01:00 Roland Perry <lists at>:
> Only because you apparently aren't aware of the channels through which
> such advice might be offered.
Please educate us.

> Try going to some of the All-Party groups. Although I'm not saying you
> have to educate "in the large", about 1% is enough to make a difference.

My experience - with the Digital Economy Act - was that these weren't
particularly helpful meetings. For example in the middle of a presentation
by me a member of the House of Lords wandered in and muttered (loudly
enough for everyone to hear) "rubbish, rubbish" at what I was saying.

On the one hand one might think - why bother giving my expertise free to
people so rude (they'd have been firmly spanked by my grandparents) but on
the other hand they do unfortunately govern the country and their ignorance
is our suffering.


Francis Davey
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