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Wendy M. Grossman wendyg at pelicancrossing.net
Thu Jul 17 11:55:44 BST 2014

On 07/17/2014 08:26, Ellis Weinberger wrote:
> Fearghas McKay:
>> ... Has anyone tried getting a new pager recently? I am not convinced
>> it is a deployable strategy ...
> Vodafone: <www.paging.vodafone.net/>

I'm sorry, but I don't see how getting a pager and keeping the phone
off, other than making your life more difficult, really has that much
benefit. The pager still has to be locatable in order for you to get the
page, right? So it can still be used to track you?

Or is the point that no one can remotely turn on audio/video/etc? I have
a mobile phone but keep the GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, and location services
turned off unless I absolutely need to use them.

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