Data retention question

Ian Batten igb at
Thu Jul 17 10:38:31 BST 2014

On 17 Jul 2014, at 08:33, Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:
>> And as to the shadow home secretary's claim that her children know more about crypto policy than she does, I can only presume she also smugly tells people at dinner parties that she can't program her video recorder, as though that makes her more interesting. Why do MPs make out that utter ignorance of technology is something to be proud of?
> That's a rather different issue, and my approach to that is to actually contribute (educate, inform etc) at first hand regarding technology issues when I think it'll help. How many others here were available on-site on Tuesday

I don't think it's as simple as checking yourself into Portcullis house and sitting in the atrium
with a sign saying "Crypto how?  Ask me now!"  Perhaps we could all cluster on the wall outside with
signs saying "Will do policy analysis for food".

I'd be very happy to do educational work with MPs on crypto/intercept policy, and (in broad terms) I'd do it
for free too.  I don't get the slightest sense that they're interested.  I was at an event with
Julian Huppert a few weeks ago which Caspar was at as well.  But he was there as a speaker, and
a very good one at that, and I'm not sure that he learned much that he didn't already know.

There doesn't seem to be a venue for subject matter experts to offer their knowledge to MPs in the
large.  You can correspond with your own MP, but if it's not something on their radar then it's
not clear how you make input to other MPs.


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